Oct 27, 2022

Get The Inside Scoop About Botox And Be Ready For National Botox Day This Year – 11/16/2022

Botox is the number one cosmetic injectable done to improve one’s appearance in the entire world. It has been around for decades and has an excellent […]
Sep 14, 2022


Many of the women, who are requesting either a breast augmentation or a breast reduction, are in their child bearing years and many of these women […]
Aug 10, 2022


One of the major benefits of plastic surgery is its long lasting effects. A surgery alone though, is not the only factor which determines the longevity […]
Jul 21, 2022

The Importance Of Choosing A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

When considering plastic surgery, the first step is a total understanding of the procedure and who will be performing it. There are many aspects to consider […]
Jun 23, 2022

Dr. Berman’s Interview Explaining Smart Lipo: Watch Here

Dr. Berman was a guest on the The Compounding Center’s podcast, and explains SmartLipo. Click below to watch the interview on YouTube or to listen directly […]
Jun 09, 2022

Gynecomastia, Explained By Dr. Berman

Treating men who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their breasts, has become a specialty in Dr. Berman’s practice. Dr. Berman explains what gynecomastia is, what […]
Jun 07, 2022

Dr. David Berman’s Top “Designs For Health” Supplement Recommendations

Dr. David E. Berman gives patients the scoop on what  Designs for Health natural supplements he takes himself and recommends for others. Proper nutrition is the […]
May 24, 2022


In today’s society, there seems to be less of a stigma regarding plastic surgery. There’s an endless stream of famous and not famous people posting the […]
May 10, 2022

BMI And Plastic Surgery

Body Mass Index, more commonly referred to as BMI, is a simple calculation which uses a person’s height and weight to determine the amount of body […]
Apr 27, 2022


While tummy tucks have traditionally benefited females, they are also available for those males who are looking for a more toned physique. The goal of any […]
Mar 27, 2022


Do Breast Implants Need To Be Changed At Ten Years? This is a controversial topic in which one highly quoted article suggests that breast implants should […]
Mar 20, 2022
Healthy Woman

All About SmartLipo

Smartlipo, is a minimally invasive surgical technique, which utilizes a fiber optic laser fiber to melt the fat and tighten the skin, after which this melted […]
Mar 10, 2022
Tumescent and SmartLipo

Tumescent and SmartLipo

Dr. Berman often gets asked this question, the short answer is that tumescent is a part of the liposuction or SmartLipo process, not a type of […]
Feb 15, 2022

Financing Options

Cosmetic Surgery can be expensive for some Americans, so it is important to know your financing options. Dr. David Berman feels strongly that you need to […]
Jan 18, 2022
Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Celebrities have their appearance constantly admired and analyzed. A life in the public eye means that they always need to look their best. It is no […]
Nov 21, 2021
Sutures and Stitches

Sutures, Stitches and General Wound Care Advice

The following advice is primarily targeted to post plastic surgery wound care and sutures and stitches. There may be other factors to consider, if when discussing […]
Oct 17, 2021
Plastic Surgery Safety

How to ensure your plastic surgery safety?

PATIENT SAFETY AND PLASTIC SURGERY   The first concern of both the patient and the plastic surgeon should be safety. Everything in life is a balance […]
Sep 19, 2021
plastic surgery vs cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Vs. Plastic Surgery

There is a lot of confusion regarding “cosmetic surgery” and if it’s the same, or different from “plastic surgery”.  Common questions include: Who performs “cosmetic surgery” […]
Aug 24, 2021
Top Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Top Cosmetic Procedures of 2021 (+ Predictions for 2022)

Popular Cosmetic Procedures Now & Next Year Every year the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as numerous fashion and beauty magazines conduct surveys to […]
May 31, 2021

Body Contouring: Consistently one of the top requested cosmetic procedures in 2020-2021

It should come as no surprise that when annual surveys are done on the top plastic surgery procedures, body contouring is consistently in the top few. […]
May 12, 2021
Smooth Tummy

What is a Tummy Tuck?

A Tummy Tuck is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen, and tightens the abdominal muscles. It helps you get rid […]
Jan 12, 2021

Which Body Contouring Solution Is Right For You?

Diet and exercise are probably the best way to slim down and tone for beach season, but what do you do when nothing is working? Fat-dissolving […]
Jan 05, 2021
Ketogenic Supplements

Ketogenic Diets, Intermittent Fasting and Ketogenic Supplements

DECREASE BODY FAT, INCREASE ENERGY, MENTAL CLARITY, AND FEEL BETTER. Dr. Berman’s Daily Routine: 1. When I get up, I mix one packet of the ketone […]
Aug 11, 2020

What Is A Mommy Makeover?

The first question that we need to answer is what exactly is a Mommy Makeover? Actually, the Mommy Makeover is not a specific operation but rather […]
Mar 12, 2020
Smart Lipo Guide

Smart Lipo Guide – Everything You Need to Know

I started doing Smart Lipo in 2007 and as of March 9, 2020, I have done 996 cases. Smart Lipo is one of my favorite procedures. […]
Feb 24, 2020
What to Expect after Picosure

What to Expect After Picosure

What to Expect After Picosure Before answering the question we first need to understand what Picosure is, how to prepare for a Picosure facial and what […]
Feb 02, 2020
What Is Sculpsure

SculpSure Guide – (Everything You Need to Know)

What is Sculpsure? Sculpsure is a  non-invasive method to reduce fat in specific areas. It has been FDA approved since 2015. This is in contrast to […]
Jan 23, 2020
What is Laser Hair Removal

What is Laser Hair Removal?

What is laser hair removal? How does it work? How often will I need treatments? In this post, you will find out everything you need to […]
Jan 07, 2020
Breast Implant Exchange

When To Have a Breast Implant Exchange

Why Would You Want a Breast Implant Exchange? There are several possible reasons to change breast implants. Capsule Formation It is normal for scar tissue to […]
Jan 02, 2020
Picosure Laser For Brown Spots

Picosure Laser For Brown Spots

The Picosure laser is a fascinating laser since it has two very different uses. The first use is that it is the number one tattoo removal […]
Jan 01, 2020
How Often Should You Get Botox

How Often Should You Get Botox?

How often should you get Botox? Are the results instant? What are the side effects?  In this article, you will find out the answers to the […]
Dec 04, 2019
Breast Augmentation Recovery Steps

Breast Augmentation Recovery Guide

Once you decide to have a breast augmentation (BA), the next question is, what will the recovery be like? How much pain will there be? When […]
Nov 07, 2019
Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction Recovery Guide

tIn this complete guide you will learn everything you need to know about liposuction recovery. This guide applies to any type of liposuction. In my career […]
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