Blepharoplasty - Overview

A patient can elect to have either the lower lids or upper eyes done, or both at once, depending on their situation. This procedure is usually performed in the office.

For the upper eyelids, Dr. Berman carries out a traditional Blepharoplasty, removing skin and sometimes fat.

For the lower lids, Dr. Berman does something different than most surgeons: He makes an incision on the inside of the eyelids, (so there is no scar) to remove the fat.

When either an upper or lower Blepharoplasty or both is done in the office, an oral sedative is given and that is all that is required (besides the local anesthetic). You must have someone accompany you as you cannot drive yourself.

Sometimes, Dr. Berman will recommend that facial fillers be injected to hide the puffiness, instead of doing surgery to reduce the fat pads in the lower eyelids.

Lateral Forehead Lift

For some patients, their lateral eyebrows have descended. They will receive additional esthetic improvement, if a 3-4 cm incision is made behind the hairline (lateral to and above the lateral eyebrow) that will allow Dr. Berman to elevate the lateral eyebrow. This can be done at the same time as the upper Blepharoplasty.
1What post-op care is required for Blepharoplasty?

After a Blepharoplasty, your eyes should have a more relaxed, open appearance, and the skin around your eyes should be smoother.

Immediately following the surgery, the skin around your eyes could be slightly bruised for a few days. If you get a bruise (and not every patient will bruise), it will usually last 2-3 weeks. It is very important that you do a lot of icing for the 2 days after surgery. Ideally apply an ice pack for intervals of 20 minutes with a 20 minute break between each. This is a great opportunity to catch up on movies or TV shows that you have missed during the year. It is helpful to elevate the head off your bed for a week (use 3-5 pillows) to decrease swelling.

For the lower eyelid Blepharoplasty, you will be given Tobradex ointment to use for 3-5 days on the inside of your eye.

Although patients are given a prescription after surgery, most patients do not require more than a couple of tablets and many patients do not need any.

The upper eyelid suture is one long suture that is easily removed in the office approximately 6 days after surgery. Normally, there are no sutures to remove from the lower eyelid.

You can shower the day following surgery, wash your hair and face as well. You can resume full exercising after 10 days. Everyone will have some swelling. You should expect it to keep improving for 3-6 months. Dr. Berman will see you during this time period in the office.




  • BeBe Parkes
    I love Dr. Berman and his entire team! He does excellent work and they are always there to help in anyway they can! I have had multiple procedures w/ Dr. Berman over the years and wouldn't trust anyone but him!
    BeBe Parkes
  • Nancy Soto
    I saw Dr. Berman and his staff early this year and recently had a Breast Reduction and Upper Lid Blepharoplasty. From the beginning of the journey through post-op, Dr. Berman and his staff have been wonderful. I had both surgeries at the same time and that evening I was already up and walking. It's been about 2 weeks post-op and my eyes have pretty much healed with no swelling. Meanwhile, my breasts are coming along with some soreness (as expected) but feel so much better with the reduction. Dr. Berman texted me several times a day for a week, checking in on me and always stating that I could text or call him anytime with any questions. I would highly recommend him for any procedure you are interested in and his staff also gets props as well!
    Nancy Soto
  • Practical184313
    Dr. Berman is amazing, he's experienced, kind and makes sure to explain everything to you and knows how to listen well. He takes his time to make sure you have all your questions and concerns taken care of. I'm in day one post-surgery and I'm doing good. He personally contacted me to check on me. He is the best! I know it's too soon to see results but I'm already loving what I see despite the inflammation.
  • Deverina Atkins
    I saw Dr. Berman for blepharoplasty a few months ago. I had so much extra tissue that my eyelids rested on my lashes. Now I'm thrilled with the appearance of my eyelids and amazed by how much my field of vision improved!
    Deverina Atkins
  • Abdul Tamim
    Over the past year, I have been one of Dr. Berman’s patients. I have done Abdominal Liposuction and lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty with him and I have received very satisfying results. Dr. Berman is very experienced in his field, in fact, he is one of the best surgeons in the area. He is very honest and provides good recommendations. Also, the prices are very reasonable. His office is very clean and the staff is very nice. If you are looking for an honest and experienced plastic surgeon, I definitely recommend Dr. Berman.
    Abdul Tamim
  • Polite303445
    I can't say enough about Dr. Berman and his staff. I have had several surgeries with him but I made the mistake of going to a different surgeon because I didn’t think he worked on faces. That cost me big time. After surgery and two revisions by this other doctor, my under eye lift was still not correct. I’ve always had stellar results with Dr. Berman so it was dumb of me not to check with him first. Of course, he fixed it on one try and he used a technique where there were no stitches by going inside my undereye. There was minimal recovery and I could go out a few days later with some cover-up looking normal. In addition, I had some SmartLipo on my lower back and the results after only one week are AMAZING. I cannot say enough about his charming personality, his compassion and care, and his surgical cutting-edge technique. What clearly sets him apart though is his artistic ability to see not only what needs to be done but what is right for you as a person for the best outcome. It’s an art-form and he is a true Picasso. In addition, his follow up care is just incredible. I have received many texts in a row of him just checking in to see how I am doing. This is rare to get contact from such a successful and in-demand doctor. Customer service and great bedside manner and follow up outside of regular office visits is so unique and truly describes just how passionate and invested he is in his patients. He also has a wonderful, caring staff. They are friendly, approachable, kind, and think nothing of going the extra mile so you are comfortable and feel supported. If I could give more than 5 stars I would because in all the surgeries I’ve had with him- a total of 5 now, I have ALWAYS had incredible results and experiences that have not only exceeded my expectations but have enriched my life and confidence in taking the risk to invest in my looks to feel great about myself. I will never again go to anyone else but him. I made a joke that he can’t ever retire! Fortunately for me, he is young and he isn’t going anywhere!!!!! Go and see this humble and talented doctor!!!! You won’t be sorry.
  • Luminous4567
    I am thrilled with the results of my lower eyelid surgery. Dr. Berman did a terrific job explaining the procedure to me beforehand and took time to answer all my questions. His office staff is always helpful and friendly. The day of the procedure went like clockwork (I think I was in and out of his office in an hour). The procedure was more affordable with Dr. Berman than with other doctors I consulted because he used local anesthesia instead of general. I was completely comfortable during the procedure. I had minimal swelling and no bruising and was back at yoga class a week after my procedure. I am thrilled with the result - I used to wake up looking tired and now always look well-rested. I highly recommend Dr. Berman for lower eyelid surgery.
  • piscis19
    I knew from the get go that I wanted this surgery. I met with Dr. Berman who gave me the pros and cons to the surgery but essentially reassured me that I would look amazing afterwards. I gave it some thought and called back to book it after a few days. He made the surgery painless and easy. I wasn't able to wear my contacts afterward, but before I knew it, my eyes looked amazing! They don't look droopy anymore and they feel normal (most people have commented that I have a more youthful look now). So glad I went through with this surgery!

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