Torn Ear Lobe

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This is a common problem for many women with pierced ears. The earrings stretch and make the hole too large or they tear all the way through the earlobe.

About the Torn Ear Lobe Procedure

Dr. Berman can easily repair torn ear lobes in his office in less than 30 minutes with a local anesthetic and dissolving sutures. The sutures will then dissolve over 7-10 days. The procedure is virtually painless and you can drive yourself to and from the office. If you want to, you can return to work immediately after the procedure. You can shower the next morning and exercise the very next day.

You do not need to see me for a consultation in advance. When you book your appointment, please ask how much the procedure will cost and if you want we can schedule your repair for the very same day.

Please note that if you have had gauges in your earlobes and they are stretched out significantly, I do need to see you for a consult (if you live far away, you can email me a close up photograph) so that I can tell you what the costs will be since this is more complicated.

Follow up for the Torn Ear Lobe Procedure

Many patients prefer to come back about 6 weeks later to have the ear pierced, or you can have it pierced elsewhere. Note that in all cases, Torn Ear Lobe Repair is a self-pay procedure and is not covered by insurance.

Disclaimer: Results may vary for different individuals.

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