Torn Earlobe - Overview

Dr. Berman can easily Repair Torn Earlobes in his office in less than 30 minutes with a local anesthetic and dissolving sutures. The sutures will then dissolve over 7-10 days. The procedure is virtually painless and you can drive yourself to and from the office. If you want to, you can return to work immediately after the procedure. You can shower the next morning and exercise the very next day.

You do not need to see Dr. Berman for a consultation in advance. When you book your appointment, please ask how much the procedure will cost and if you want we can schedule your repair for the very same day.

Please note that if you have gauges in your earlobes and they are stretched out significantly, we do need to see you for a consultation (if you live far away, you can email a close up photograph).  Based on the image we can provide a quote.

1Who is this for?

This is a common problem for many women with pierced ears. The earrings stretch and make the hole too large or they tear all the way through the earlobe.

2Follow up for a Torn Ear Lobe procedure

Many patients prefer to come back about 6 weeks later to have the ear pierced, or you can have it pierced elsewhere. Note that in all cases, Torn Ear Lobe Repair is a self-pay procedure and is not covered by insurance.




  • Linda
    Dr. Berman repaired my ear lobe 2 months ago, which was split, and contained a hole that was large enough for a stud earring to pass through. In fact, this happened. An entire stud earring with security backing and a secondary security backing went straight through the hole. The hole and split had existed at least 15+ years, and was getting worse. A jewelry repair associate at Tiffany's told me that people were having ear lobes repaired, which I never thought about, until then. I found Dr. Berman via a Google search. I chose Dr. Berman based on his last name, location, and a past surgical repair. Dr. Berman is very professional, and his staff is amazing! I found Dr. Berman very easy to communicate with. He explained the procedure, and made me feel very comfortable while performing the procedure. Dr. Berman is personable. He performed an excellent repair to my ear lobe. I would not hesitate returning to his Office for services, and, I would not hesitate referring Dr. Berman to friends, family, and co-workers. Thank you, Dr. Berman! I had no idea how successful my ear lobe repair would be. I just wish I had come to you 15+ years ago! To your Staff, thank you! You guys made me feel welcomed, answered ALL my questions, followed up, and assured me that I was at the right place for my surgical need. I look forward seeing all of you at my next visit. Thank you!
  • Isabel Robinson
    I had an earlobe repair surgery with Dr Berman, and it was a wonderful experience. He and his staff are very welcoming and sweet. They made me feel very comfortable which was super great since this is my first time ever getting a surgical procedure done! He and his staff explained everything very thoroughly and were always open to answer any questions I had. I definitely recommend Dr Berman because he is a down-to-earth doctor that prioritizes his patients! Thank you Dr B and staff!
    Isabel Robinson
  • Dr. Berman has made my career possible. As a young girl I wasn't sure what I wanted to do when I grew up, I definitely didn't think that what I do to my ears would effect it though. I then proceeded to gauge my ears to a half inch, I had them that way for about 3 years until I was about to turn 17 and realized what I really wanted to do. I wanted to join the Airforce and I knew I couldn't with half inch holes in my ears. I took them out immediately and did everything I could in order to help them close to a normal ear hole. A year and a half later the holes were less than a half of a cm, I thought they'd let it fly but they indeed did not. I was to have ear lobe repair surgery. Dr. Berman gave me a consultation and was able to get me in within a week every time. He explained everything thoroughly and answered all the dumb questions I had. He gave me the most reasonable price and had the best time frame in the area. The whole process of getting seen, setting up the appointment, and getting the procedure done was less than 2 weeks. When I went in to have the procedure done I was alone and very nervous, I don't like shots and I definitely dont like being cut with scalpels. Dr. Berman made me feel extremely comfortable. He talked to me the entire time which usually I would prefer silence but this time it helped me a lot, I was very appreciative. The procedure was super quick and super seamless, as was the recover period. My ears were healed within a week and a half and in a couple weeks I will be off to basic and starting my career. Thanks you, Dr. Berman.
  • I originally began stretching my ears 8 years ago and got them up to an inch and a half. For the past 2 years I have left them out for business purpose and just decided I would go ahead and get them stitched and I could not be happier with the work that Dr. Berman did to repair them! My self confidence has improved and my ears look great!
  • Great experience. Doctor Berman is skilled, friendly and detailed in how he handles his patients. The staff is professional and the facility and very clean. Doctor Berman explained the procedure and follow up care thoroughly. My ear lobes healed as expected and I had him re-pierce my ears on the 6 week follow up appointment. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in any type of body and facial improvement and ear lobe repair.
  • I had a partially torn earlobe and one completely torn lobe. Dr. Berman and his staff were wonderful! At the consult, I knew I finally found the right place. Scheduling and payment was a breeze. Day of the procedure I was in and out in 45 minutes. I didn’t feel a thing, and the Dr. Berman was so nice, chatting with me all the while. I tend to get anxiety over things like this but it was really so easy that I’m mad at myself I didn’t do this sooner. Incredibly happy with the results so far! Will update again in a couple weeks.

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