Plastic Surgery

Dec 07, 2023

Role of Telemedicine and Cosmetic Surgery

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a significant increase in the use of telemedicine and teleconferencing, profoundly impacting various medical fields, including cosmetic plastic surgery. The primary […]
May 10, 2022

BMI And Plastic Surgery

  Body Mass Index, more commonly referred to as BMI, is a simple calculation which uses a person’s height and weight to determine the amount of […]
Nov 21, 2021

Sutures, Stitches and General Wound Care Advice

The following advice is primarily targeted to post plastic surgery wound care and sutures and stitches. There may be other factors to consider, if when discussing […]
Sep 19, 2021

Cosmetic Surgery Vs. Plastic Surgery

There is a lot of confusion regarding “cosmetic surgery” and if it’s the same, or different from “plastic surgery”.  Common questions include: Who performs “cosmetic surgery” […]
Jun 18, 2019

How Much Does Lifestyle Affect the Outcome of Plastic Surgery Procedures?

This is an interesting question that I was asked to blog about. There is both a superficial and a deeper answer to this question. The superficial […]
Jan 08, 2019

The Transformative Aspects of Plastic Surgery

It is the transformative aspect of plastic surgery where its greatest benefit occurs. I divide this into two main groups. As some of you may know, […]
Jan 26, 2018

When Should You Consider Plastic Surgery?

There are, as you can imagine, numerous considerations to take into account when deciding if you are ready for plastic surgery. Check out my video below […]
Aug 24, 2017

Do I ever Recommend Against Plastic Surgery?

The quick answer is quite often. There can be countless reasons for this, but they can probably best be grouped into two main categories: Risk outweighs […]
Jul 28, 2017

Why You Should Insist on a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

I’ll be honest, the fact that this is even a question is bewildering to me. But it also brings to light for me that people may […]
Jun 22, 2017

Bridal Makeover: Plastic Surgery for the Bride-to-Be

It is almost universal that a woman would like to look her very best on her wedding day. However, from a plastic surgeon’s perspective, it takes […]
May 15, 2017

A Day in the Life of a Plastic Surgeon

  One of the better things about being a plastic surgeon is that no two days are ever alike. I thought it would be fun to […]