Breast Reduction - Overview

The procedure is performed in a small friendly surgicenter in McLean under general anesthesia. A breast lift is almost always performed at the same time as the Breast Reduction. It should be noted that the nipple is never detached from the breast, and there are no drains or external sutures involved. Patients are advised to shower the next day and can typically return to work within 10 days. Most can breastfeed afterward and will maintain sensation in the nipple-areolar complex.

1Who is this for?

If you suffer from back, neck, or shoulder pain, bra straps dig into your shoulders, or you have rashes under your breasts due to their weight, or if you feel that you are too top-heavy, compared to your lower body, you will benefit from a breast reduction.




  • Anne Lewis
    I have never felt better in my life! I had a breast reduction, tummy tuck and lipo on my flanks with Dr. Berman. Best doc and staff ever! Highly recommend! I look amazing, thanks to his great skills!
    Anne Lewis
  • Alexandra Hutchinson
    I got a breast reduction done by Dr. Berman and the results were amazing!! They were the exact size I asked for. My before results felt saggy because of the weight of my breasts and now they are perfectly perky and I feel my age! I am very happy with how the results came out.
    Alexandra Hutchinson
  • Lora Ometz
    Dr David E. Berman is an outstanding surgeon and does excellent work. He has a tremendous amount of expertise in plastic surgery. He has been a plastic surgeon for many years. I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr Berman for more than 12 years. Most recently, I had a breast lift/reduction and brachioplasty done. I am very pleased with the results. The best part about Dr Berman is of course his fantastic skills as a plastic surgeon, right? Of course! But the next best part is how he talks to me as a patient and explains how things will be done. He always gives me a chance to ask questions. He wants me to be satisfied with the outcome. Following my surgery, Dr Berman gave me his cell phone number so that I could reach him literally any time if I had any problems or had questions. Not very many doctors out there are nearly as good at what they do as Dr Berman is. He is excellent! His office staff and friendly, helpful and nice. They all put me at ease and are genuinely glad to see me come in. Dr Berman is my favorite doctor. Very highly skilled and is very down to earth. He makes himself easy to contact him and responds quickly. I am very pleased! I would recommend him to a friend or family member.
    Lora Ometz
  • Renee Geisler
    I’m a 39 year old Female with naturally large breasts. After several years of weight loss and gain I found myself swimming in my 36 DD bra -- what I really needed was training bra. I lost so much volume and shape, and was extremely embarrassed. I lost any confidence I had and was drowning in my clothes because I wouldn't wear anything that actually fit me. I decided it was time to look into adding that volume back to my breasts, and recreate my natural shape and size. After my first consultation with Dr. Berman I knew he was the only surgeon I wanted to touch me. He was extremely knowledgeable and punctual. He made me laugh but was very professional at the same time. I knew he was on a tight schedule but I never felt rushed or dismissed. He answered all of my questions before I even had to ask them. His bedside manner was welcoming and his staff was kind. I thought I would be embarrassed and leave crying, but instead I left with a weight lifted off my shoulders. He understood exactly what I was trying to achieve and his no BS demeanor was what I needed. There was a lot of volume loss and I was worried about scaring so he assured me that the donut mastectomy with 425 cc was the way to go. After long discussions with my husband and best friend, I called to make the appointment for my surgery. Within two weeks I was at the surgery center and in the hands of yet another amazing group of people who made me feel welcome and safe. The recovery was not bad. I had my surgery on Thursday and I was back to work with light duties on Monday morning. Dr. Berman called me every day post op to see how I was feeling and continued to follow up with me during my entire recovery process. I never felt like I couldn’t ask him a question or poke his brain about my specific case. 13 days after surgery, I was on a plane heading to Aruba where I was able to fully enjoy my vacation without any complications from my recent breast augmentation. I felt better than ever on that beach! Vacation included snorkeling, long walks, light exercises and plenty of physical activity with no problems. The doctor checked on me while I was there too! I never could have imagined it would all be this easy. Other than some bruising and swelling, I only experienced real pain on post op day 1 and 2. Dr. Berman’s technique is incredible and compared to my friends with similar surgeries, I definitely have the best outcome. Dr. Berman also doesn’t use a PA, like most surgeons, to do his work. Every suture was placed by Dr. Berman, every appointment, text and communication I had in regards to my actual surgery was all Dr. Berman. I can’t express how important and how rare that is. I’m now nearly 2 months out and I am so happy with the way things are healing. The swelling is nearly gone and the suture sites look great. Dr. Berman even reduced the size of my areolas which look fantastic. I have full sensation of my nipples and breasts, not losing any feeling. The recovery, other than some bruising the first week, was tolerated very well. I’m back on my Peloton bike, lifting weights and building my chest muscles back up slowly. I’m excited to tone and shape the rest of my body now, and with the confidence in my new breasts, I certainly have the motivation to do so. My experience with Dr. Berman was exceptional. I highly recommend him for any of your plastic surgery needs. I couldn’t be happier with my results and look forward to a long, satisfying relationship with this amazing physician.
    Renee Geisler
  • catherinewalsh1952

    My entire life I have had breasts way larger than I wanted. They were never proportionate to my body and I hated it. I finally decided to get a breast reduction when I was a freshman in college at 18 years old. However, things did not work out as I didn't find a doctor that I could trust. Here I am four years later and I found the perfect doctor. He was AMAZING!

  • Hind93150

    I considered plastic surgery for a while but I was scared to do it. I heard about Dr. Berman for a while especially from the fame of Bobbitt. I made the decision to go forward with my breast reduction and liposuction of my abdomen. At the pre-consultation, I was SO set at ease with the first-rate bedside manner, reassurance, and photographs that he showed me.

  • PollyP333

    Recently I had a breast reduction and lift. I have seen many doctors over the years, dealt with many offices, and all were fine, but Dr. Berman and his staff are Absolutely Amazing! Dr. Berman is an excellent doctor and is so very compassionate about his work and his patients' recovery. His Staff is equally kind and caring. I call Dr. Berman and his Staff "The A-Team!"

  • AtinaMarie

    I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Berman performing my Breast Reduction. His prediction that I would only need the pain meds for the first day or so was accurate as Tylenol did the trick after 24 hours. I am thrilled with the size and round shape of my breasts and no longer am experiencing the neck and shoulder pain I had with my larger size DDD breasts. I also thought the office staff was amazing!

  • Gsam56

    I have wanted a breast reduction for a long time, but the cost and embarrassment adding to the hassle caused me to delay. I finally made the appointment after speaking with the great staff at Berman Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Berman was so easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable discussing my concerns. We scheduled the surgery and I am so glad we did. I am healing quickly and am so happy with the results!

  • sarahw2020

    Dr. Berman really knows what he is doing. He took the time to explain to me all the options I have for surgery, and even scheduled me for a second consultation to make sure I am happy with my final decision. The whole process from beginning to post-op check-ups was very smooth and the final results are great!


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