Oct 27, 2022

Get The Inside Scoop About Botox And Be Ready For National Botox Day This Year – 11/16/2022

Botox is the number one cosmetic injectable done to improve one’s appearance in the entire world. It has been around for decades and has an excellent […]
Jan 18, 2022

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Celebrities have their appearance constantly admired and analyzed. A life in the public eye means that they always need to look their best. It is no […]
Jan 01, 2020

How Often Should You Get Botox?

How often should you get Botox? Are the results instant? What are the side effects?  In this article, you will find out the answers to the […]
Jun 04, 2018

How Botox and Fillers are Different for Men vs. Women

While women have historically dominated in use of Botox and Fillers, this has been changing rapidly over the past 5 years, with more and more men now […]
Jan 26, 2018

Recovery from Botox and Expected Results

In this video, I discuss what results you can expect following Botox injections, as well as what recovery looks like. I always like to share that […]
Jan 22, 2018

Price of Beauty: Botox and Fillers

People still sometimes get confused about the difference between Botox and fillers. Botox works through muscle paralysis  to decrease facial motion and help eliminate fine lines. Fillers represent […]
Dec 26, 2017

What to Look for in a Plastic Surgeon

The absolute most important thing to look for in a plastic surgeon is whether he or she is actually a Board certified plastic surgeon. There is […]
Dec 02, 2015

How Long Should Botox Last

Botox Lasts 4 Months Generally, you can expect your Botox (or Dysport or Xeomin) to start working within 4-10 days and to last 4 months. However, […]
Dec 02, 2015

Cost of Botox

There is no exact number that I can give you so that you will know exactly how much you will pay for Botox. However, I can […]
Nov 20, 2015

Botox vs. Fillers

Botox vs Facial Fillers This is a very common question I get from people. They hear a lot about both products and don’t understand the difference. […]
Aug 21, 2014

Botox or Fillers

What is the difference between fillers and Botox? How old do you have to be to get them? Great question! I find a lot of patients […]