Breast Implant Removal - Overview

A procedure that is getting more popular with time but is largely falling under the radar, is breast implant removal without replacing them with implants. The decision to remove implants is a very personal one and it is best to schedule a consultation with Dr. Berman to discuss the reasons you are looking to remove your breast implants and what your goals, physically and emotionally are for removing them.

1Who is this for:

We generally see women age 45+ for breast implant removal, but there is no “correct” age for when to consider a breast implant removal. There can be a number of different reasons that a woman would like to remove her implants and it is best to discuss your personal disposition with Dr. Berman to ensure you get the best results.

2Where will the procedure take place?

The procedure will take place at the Pascual surgicenter in McLean which is where Dr. Berman has operated used almost exclusively for the past 8 years.

3What will I look like after my implants are removed and no new implants are placed?

This is a difficult question to answer without seeing a particular person. Of course, the breast size will be smaller but the more important question is will they appear very saggy. In general, if they have an excellent shape with the implants in place and do not have too much native breast tissue, frequently, they will have a nice shape. One needs to allow 3-6 months, to allow the breasts to firm up. If it is suspected that the breasts will be quite droopy after the implant removal, it is certainly possible to plan a breast lift, at the same time. There are a number of different types of lifts, which can be customized to the degree of droopiness which occurs.

4What is recovery like?

Most women will have very little discomfort after a simple implant removal. Most should be able to return to work in 2-3 days. Most will not need any narcotics for post-op relief but will do fine with just Tylenol or Motrin. I would expect most women to return to full exercising in a week or so. I recommend that they wrap their chests with 1-2 ace wraps for 7-10 days. I rarely place a drain. If a capsulectomy is required, then I may place a drain. This will be decided at the time of surgery. If a lift is added at the same time , additional incisions may be required and may mildly slow recovery by a few extra days. This will be discussed at your consultation




  • AtinaMarie
    Years ago I only wanted a lift after nursing and pregnancy damage. I was told this was impossible, and that implants were my only option. So I got implants. They were nice, I had fun, but not what I wanted. Years later I asked again, was told I could down size but total removal was not possible do to the extent of my stretched breast from nursing and pregnancy. So I got a reduction of implants but I was still sad I couldn’t have what I wanted.. to be me once again. So this January I was determined to find that perfect doctor with incredible skills and a can I attitude, I was on a mission and was not settling anymore! In January I found the perfect doctor! He is an off the charts skilled surgeon with a profession yet attentive manner. Between my doctor and his staff I felt like I was their only priority. They make each and every patient feel as though they are a priority. I always got checked on and my questions were always answered right away. I am beyond words happy with this doctor and his staff! I am forever grateful. I finally after 23 years have the breasts/procedure done that I wanted. There is nothing they could have done better. This doctor is the absolute best, with an equally awesome staff to go along with his skills and compassion.

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