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Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that reduces the prominence of the labia minor – the lips surround the vaginal opening. There are a number of reasons women seek this procedure, including a boost in self confidence and a reduction in discomfort from clothing rubbing the prominent labia or from during intercourse or exercise.

Labiaplasty is becoming a much more commonly requested surgery, no doubt due in part to the rise of the Brazilian look (i.e. removal of all or almost all of the pubic hair). It is also being featured in more mainstream magazines and television shows. This area is becoming more visible, too, as women are wearing more contouring items of clothing such as yoga pants.

The procedure can be performed in my office under oral sedation and a local anesthetic or in our partnering surgicenter under general anesthesia.

Labiaplasty Techniques:
Surgical technical

What to Expect Post-Op:
Patients are advised to clean the area regularly with dilute peroxide and antibiotic ointment following the procedure, ice the area as necessary and to rest in bed for 48 hours. There are no drains or external sutures involved. Patients can typically return to work in 3 days, can begin exercising in 7-10 days and have sex in 3-6 weeks


Disclaimer: Results may vary for different individuals.


47 Years Old 2 Kids – Sterling, VA

I haven't felt comfortable with my labia for a long time with Dr Berman and I love the result! e. I now feel emotionally ready to do it and have booked my surgery with Dr Berman. He is a very efficient with his consultation and I feel in very safe hands. I am so happy I did this surgery with Dr Berman and I love the result!


41 Year Old Fitness Instructor – Sterling, VA

I was very pleased with the results of my Labiaplasty. Very quick recovery. 6 weeks is the recommended time before resuming intercourse. I ressumed sexual intercourse 2 weeks after surgery with almost no pain and I was able to reach climax a lot faster as well. I began teaching spin classes 2 weeks after surgery which was somewhat uncomfortable but not enough to keep me from my workouts. Dr. Berman and his staff was wonderful. Answering all of my questions and making me feel at ease during and after surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Berman.


Uncomfortable with my Appearance

Dr. Berman performed the surgery perfectly. I am much more comfortable with the apperance. I am about 2 1/2 months in and there is still a bit of sensitivity. I was not able to have intercourse until about 6 weeks unlike most others that can at 3. That is just my personal experience, nothing went wrong with the surgery. They made me feel as comfortable as possible during the procedure since I had a bit of anxiety. All the staff is amazing!


100% Recommended

Beyond happy with the results! Got labiaplasty and it was the best process. I was skeptical to do something like this but I felt so comfortable leading up to it, and I honestly had fun during the surgery since I was awake with a local anesthetic. Everyone was so personable and Dr. Berman is so professional, funny, and smart. He's not pushy and they seriously just want you to be happy here. I feel so confident now even though I'm the only one that knows! Thank you Dr. Berman!

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