Otoplasty - Overview

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects ears that stick out prominently from a person’s head.

1Who is this for?

Many children and adults are self-conscious of the prominence of their ears sticking out from their heads.

2About the Otoplasty procedure

An Otoplasty involves just one incision on the back of each ear. Dr. Berman then thins the cartilage and places sutures in the ear cartilage. Dr. Berman has had excellent results with this technique! This procedure differs from Torn Earlobe Repair as ear lobes are only skin and not cartilage.

3What post-op care is required for Otoplasty?

After an Otoplasty, no dressings are needed during the day. However, when the patient is sleeping, Dr. Berman recommends that they wear a headband for about 6 weeks after the surgery.
He also recommends that patients avoid contact sports until at least 6 weeks after an Otoplasty.


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