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As a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. David E. Berman is a highly trained surgeon with a distinguished track record. Dr. Berman is an acclaimed plastic surgeon who is triple board certified in general and plastic surgery, both in Canada and the United States. Dr. Berman studied Chemical Engineering at Stanford University before returning to Canada to begin his medical journey at Queen’s University. Following his graduation from Queen’s University, Dr. Berman studied and trained at Memorial University in Eastern Canada. It was during this time that Dr. Berman received his first board certification in General Surgery. Dr. Berman furthered his education in Charlottesville at the prestigious University of Virginia where he completed his plastic surgery residency as well as two additional fellowships, in burns and microsurgery. After investing nine additional years in surgical training, Dr. Berman received his second and third board certifications. Dr. Berman is an Allergan Partner Privileges member, has been named a RealSelf Top Contributor, and received certification from The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Dr. Berman has been working in private practice since 1990. He began working in Toronto, Canada and has since relocated to Northern Virginia where he has been in private practice for more than 20 years. He achieved international fame in 1993 when he reattached John Wayne Bobbitt’s famous missing genital. He has appeared on numerous TV shows and has been in many magazines and newspapers. He now focuses entirely on cosmetic matters. Dr. Berman has a 4.8 rating on Google My Business and over 350 positive reviews on RealSelf, which is indicative of the superb care and attention he gives to each of his patients. He offers a full array of the most advanced and cutting edge cosmetic surgical techniques ranging from minimally invasive procedures to extreme makeover surgeries. Dr. Berman routinely shares  his personal phone number with patients prior to surgery in order to allow them to ask as many questions as they need to feel comfortable before or after surgery. From the initial consultation through recovery, Dr. Berman’s patients feel confident knowing that they are in his care and are given his undivided attention.




Message from Dr. David Berman

Plastic surgery is about transformation. Your body is transformed. Sometimes it is in more subtle way such as with a Botox injection or a fillers. Other times, it is more dramatic, with a Tummy Tuck or Breast Augmentation. A change is brought about externally and this will always lead to some internal changes. This is what makes plastic surgery such a powerful experience. It can lead to greater self confidence and this can manifest itself in all relationships – not only with loved ones, but with colleagues in the workforce, clients, friends and most importantly with yourself.
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Our Team

  • MelissaJDiaz
    I have been coming here for a few years now, and I will continue to come here for my Botox injections as well as for any other procedures in the future. Dr. Berman has great bedside manner and his staff is so kind, genuine and personable. Everyone continues to make me feel welcomed and assured. Dr. Berman has a great technique and doesnt make me feel rushed throughout the procedure. I wouldn't trust anyone else. Definitely would recommend him to everyone.
  • ensti10
    The Sculpture treatment I received at Dr Berman’s practice was one of the best decisions I have made. The results were phenomenal. For years I have had a few troubled areas on my body that I could not seem to get rid of no matter how much dieting or exercising I did. I considered a few options but decided on the Sculpture technique based on my coworker’s recommendation. Not only did these areas go away, go flat and disappear but there was absolutely NO downtime! NO bruising! It took a half-hour for each area and in less than 2 weeks the fat was gone and my clothes FIT! I thought the staff at Dr. Berman’s office were extremely professional and the treatment was not even painful. I went on my lunch break. I highly recommend this procedure to anyone who was frustrated like I was. It was a great investment and I am a very happy client. I will always go back to Dr. Berman’s facility. I would say there’s a downside to Sculpture but honestly, it is flawless. Hardly any discomfort during the treatment and the results are great! I am so very very happy!
  • patient072701
    Prior to my Gynecomastia surgery, I was self-conscious about my chest. My friends and family tried to reassure me that there was nothing wrong with the way it looked. I still felt uncomfortable taking my shirt off at the pool, and wear tight clothing. After doing some research and finding that I was a victim of this hormone disorder, I came across cosmetic surgeons in my area that performed Gynecomastia. Doctor David E. Berman is a god. With his magic touch, my confidence was boosted! I was finally able to take my shirt off and feel good about myself. I had a few pre-surgery appointments with him where he went over all the guidelines and made sure that I consented. On the day of the surgery, I went in and came back more relaxed than ever. After the surgery, there were drains hanging from my sides which tend to hurt just a little, but It was bearable and I managed to avoid painkillers and nausea medication. I encourage anyone who feels self-conscious about their chest and is a victim of Gynecomastia to undergo surgery. It's truly a life saver. Thank You, Dr. Berman, for all your time and effort.

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