Hand Rejuvenation - Overview

As you age, two things happen to your hands:

  1. Age spots on the backs of your hand
  2. The back of your hands  lose fat, which makes the tendons and veins stand out.

Using the PicoSure laser to resurface the back of your hands, we can even up the skin. You should plan 3 treatments (some people may benefit from additional treatments) each done about a month apart. There will be no downtime from this treatment.

I can place fillers or your own fat, in the back of your hands, to replace the missing fat.



  • Excellent service, the skin care service and products are awesome. What I like about Dr. Berman is that he is very sincere, he will tell you to wait if you don't need anything yet, he is not trying just to get you to expend money If is not necessary. It is hard to find honest plastic surgeons. My last consultation was about face rejuvenation Dr. Berman has been my doctor since 15 years ago, he performed a tummy tuck and breast augmentation and until now looks like he did it yesterday, both surgeries looks amazing. He did both at the same time, which I will recommend because you can recupate and kill to birds at the same time

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