My Recommended Keto Meal Eating Plan

Doing an intermittent fast and then keeping your carbs low during the day is super easy, as long as you focus on what you can eat and do not focus on what you should not eat.

If you are looking to follow this eating lifestyle, I suggest that you go ideally 14-16 hours without eating as part of your intermittent fasting strategy. This means that you don’t eat food, but you can have water, coffee or tea (black or with half and half or unsweetened coconut or almond milk) with cinnamon or any spice but NO sugar or diet sweetners. I am a huge fan of drinking the Pruvit ketone supplements (see my previous blogs on the topic or visit to order them) to put you in a ketogenic state quickly. Of course, this means the earlier you finish eating the night before, the sooner you can eat food the following day. I certainly find that the ketogenic supplements decrease my appetite, making it much easier for me to an intermittent fast. I tend to eat late dinners so this means that most days, I don’t eat any food until the afternoon. Sometimes, I will take a second ketone drink in the late morning to make the fasting last longer or sometimes, I will take my second ketone to use while I exercise. I find them to be an excellent energy source. I never carbo load before or during my workouts anymore.

Once I start eating, either late afternoon or dinner, I try to keep my carbs low.

People have asked me what they can eat?  Below are my top suggestions, though a Google search can generate thousands of ideas as well. I would caution you that since the word “ketogenic” has become very trendy, it behooves you to still read the ingredients. They should be natural and ideally organic, free of sugars or fake sugars (stevia and monk fruit are ok) and free of dyes, chemicals, bad fats etc. You should confirm that the carbs are truly low, as well.

My go-to ideas:

  • I am a big fan of celery with organic peanut butter/almond butter with sunflower seeds on it.
  • Any type of eggs – if fried, use healthy oils like olive oil, coconut or avocado oil
  • Any type of vegetable salad. Avocados are especially good because they are a good source of both protein and healthy fats. You want to watch commercial salad dressings, as they are usually filled with sugar or high fructose syrup and unhealthy fats etc. it is very easy to just add olive oil and either vinegar  or lemon juice plus whatever herbs you like.
  • You can also add tuna or salmon or meat or turkey or seafood (get organic and i would definitely only get wild caught fish, never farm raised) and you can add seeds and/or nuts.
  • I do not personally eat any pork or seafood, but they are very keto-friendly.
  • Most soups will be keto-friendly, but definitely double-check the ingredients.
  • Regarding potatoes: I am more lenient on these. I believe that since you are going to be in a ketogenic state quickly due to the keto supplements, eating these baked, especially with olive oil, is probably perfectly fine. I have seen results with them in my diet, but of course, listen to your body – and your results
  • Cheese is keto-friendly, but i would not eat a ton if you are dairy sensitive or if you are trying to lose a lot of weight.
  • Nuts are great, but again, even though you technically don’t have to count calories, common-sense would suggest not to eat tons of them daily if you are trying to lose a lot of weight, as they are very calorie-dense.
  • I often make wraps with rice paper, as they are very low carb. I will put scrambled egg and avocado in them, or other veggies with cheese. Sometimes, I will just use a very low carb wrap, but rice paper wraps are better in my opinion.

There are a plethora of recipes for keto desserts and keto breads, but I would suggest that you pay attention to the ingredients since some people are very liberal with what they are calling “keto”.

I don’t regularly check my ketone levels, but if you are a “keto-purist”, then go ahead and check them periodically. I personally believe only the blood ketone levels make sense (you can get the meters on Amazon and they use a finger prick). The urine tests are not accurate since once you get efficient using the ketones in your blood, you will stop spilling these in your urine.

As you can probably tell, I love discussing the Keto diet! Feel free to email me with your questions at

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