Feb 24, 2020

What to Expect After Picosure

What to Expect After Picosure Before answering the question we first need to understand what Picosure is, how to prepare for a Picosure facial and what […]
Jan 02, 2020

Picosure Laser For Brown Spots

The Picosure laser is a fascinating laser since it has two very different uses. The first use is that it is the number one tattoo removal […]
Jun 04, 2019

What is the Process for Tattoo Removal with PicoSure?

Tattoo removal using the PicoSure laser is actually a rather straightforward process: Come in for a consult (at no charge!) Do not tan or spray tan […]
Feb 13, 2018

Top Cosmetic Treatment for Gorgeous Skin

There is no doubt that the honor for the top cosmetic treatment for gorgeous skin goes to the Picosure laser. Why? It’s simple. There is no […]
Feb 12, 2018

How Much Does a PicoSure Laser Facial Cost?

We have just reduced the pricing of our Picosure Laser Facial to just $1,500 for 3 Laser Facial treatments. We are incredibly impressed with the great […]
Feb 06, 2018

Why PicoSure is So Popular in Asia

Most women over the age of 35 years old have some level of irregular pigmentation on their face. Those who do not likely have amazing genetics […]
Dec 18, 2017

Common Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures: How They Work and How Long They Last

There are now some great non-invasive procedures available these days, providing long-lasting results with minimally discomfort or downtime. Below are a few of my favorites:   […]
Dec 12, 2017

What Can PicoSure Do For Your Skin?

The PicoSure laser helps remove wrinkles, dark spots, acne scarring, and tattoos. It is the first of a new generation of lasers, with its cutting-edge technology […]
Nov 17, 2017

Surgical Facelift Alternatives

People mistakenly believe that a facelift fixes your face and makes it perfect and instantly takes many years of aging off of your face. A facelift does […]
Oct 17, 2017

How to Get Rid of Age Spots

We we all might not enjoy getting older physically, I think we can agree that it’s great to be getting wiser… and not having to sweat […]
May 08, 2017

My Experience with the PicoSure Facial Treatment

[ As a Master Esthetician, I can truly say that I’m delighted with the results from my PicoSure facial, which is a minimally invasive treatment. As […]
Mar 02, 2017

Picosure Laser Facial Results: Before & After

Feb 06, 2017

Turn Back the Clock with PicoSure

Picosure Laser Facial  – What Is It And What Can It Do? Which Areas Can I Have Treated? The Picosure laser is Cynosure’s (America’s largest laser […]
Jan 06, 2017

PicoSure Laser

I am very excited to be adding the PicoSure laser to my office.  This laser will replace the Revlite laser. The PicoSure laser is really breakthrough […]