About Spider Veins

Your Top Spider Vein Questions Answered

Where are spider veins typically located?
Both men and women can develop spider veins on the face, thighs and lower legs. Spider veins can also occur on the chest.
Why do people get spider veins?
There clearly is a genetic component to spider veins. They do not arise from crossing your legs or exercising, as many people believe. Like everything in life, there can be a hormonal linkage.
What is the best way to treat spider veins on the face and chest?
I believe that the very best way to eliminate spider veins on the face and chest is with a laser that targets the red in the blood vessels. Our Cynosure Elite laser does a great job. Oftentimes you can treat all of them with just one session. It does not cause bruising, unlike some of the older lasers. The treated area can be red afterwards for a few hours but can be effectively covered by make-up . The only challenging area is the juncture where the nose meets the cheek. Sometimes this area will not respond to any treatments, even if it is repeated. There is no role for injections on the face, and there are also no skin creams that I’ve found that are useful to eliminate spider veins.
What is the best way to treat spider veins on the thigh or lower leg?
Sometimes I will do an injection, but most of the time, I prefer using the Cynosure laser. If I perform an injection, I typically recommend at least one follow-up laser session to be completed at least 6-8 weeks later.
What can I do to prevent developing more spider veins in the future?
You will want to eliminate excessive sun exposure, as this can definitely lead to more sun damage and spider veins. Beyond this, I don’t believe that anything plays a role, except perhaps not getting pregnant. Things like wearing support stockings (this may be helpful for varicose veins, which are different) and avoiding spicy foods are old wives tales.
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