Now’s the Time to Plan your End-of-Year Surgeries!

It won’t be long before Christmas is over and we will be into a new year. Many people elect to have their plastic  surgery completed during this time, as their jobs are typically less busy and offices are frequently closed. This can be an excellent time to get your more involved surgeries done, for many reasons.

Although the recovery from procedures like a breast augmentation are not too significant (4-5 days off of work) and a tummy tuck (about 10 days off of work, and 10-14 days if you get a breast augmentation/reduction along with a tummy tuck), using this holiday time is a great way to sneak off from work, with people just assuming you are going on a vacation. This also means they will be less likely to ask questions. You’ll still be able to hit the pre-Christmas parties, and have time to complete your  surgery and recovery after the parties are done.

Of course, if you are trying to look your best for those New Year’s parties, then you should get moving on having your breast augmentation, tummy tuck or Smartlipo now or in the near future. These surgeries take time to get your best look (you’ll continue improving post-surgery) and you’ll also want to allow some time between the surgery and showing your results off.

Want to discuss available options for your end-of-the-year procedures? Call us at 703-406-2444 to schedule your complimentary, private consultation with me – I’d be happy to help you find the right solution for you!

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