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The Top 5 Questions Plastic Surgeons Wish You Would Ask

  1. Are you Board-Certified as a plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons?
    I think if i were to name one thing that drives plastic surgeons crazy, it is the plethora of “wannabe plastic surgeons” who mislead the public that they are plastic surgeons when they are not. Specifically, there is no such thing as a board-certified Cosmetic Surgeon! That is just a made-up name by a fringe society with much lower standards (or no standards) than a true American Board Certification.Additionally, Facial Plastic Surgeons are NOT Plastic Surgeons. They are Ear, Nose and Throat doctors who call themselves Facial Plastic Surgeons, again to mislead you. Otherwise, they would be stating that they are ENT surgeons.
  2. What type of after-hours support do you offer after surgery?
    I give all of my surgical patients my cell phone number and tell them to text me if they have any concerns. This is certainly not required but it should be fairly easy to reach your plastic surgeon if you have questions or concerns.
  3. What is the proper attitude and expectation I should have if I decide to move forward with this procedure or surgery?
    The public sometimes has the wrong impression of what can be achieved with a particular treatment (e.g. a peel, Botox, filler or laser, etc.) or surgery. They see ads in magazines or online with some truly challenging problems and then in the follow-up pictures, totally transformation to model-good looks. This is rarely possible. A good, experienced plastic surgeon, can help explain to you what you can expect on average from a procedure, and what it can and cannot do. For example, I go to great lengths to explain to my patients that Smartlipo and Sculpsure are very good tools to help reduce fat in almost any area. However, for almost everyone, you will get an even better result if you can also modify your diet and increase your exercising in order to help drop your overall total body fat. Thus, it is really a partnership, similar to that of you and a personal trainer. They can train you for an hour at the gym, but if you are not putting in a good effort the other 23 hours of the day, your results will vary significantly. Be honest about your expectation. I can tell you if you are being realistic or overly optimistic.
  4. What is not included in your fee?
    When I provide a price quote for surgery, I will also include any associated fees (excluding things like prescriptions or garments since they can vary greatly). I also include all the follow-up visits. If a surgicenter or anesthesiologist is used, you need to know what their charges are as well. This will impact your total cost, so be sure you are asking your surgeon for all of that information up-front.
  5. In your professional option, should I have this procedure? 
    I think this is a great screening tool to decide on your doctor. I personally think a good doctor will never push you into any procedure or surgery. They should realize that everyone is different and even though plastic surgery is more affordable than ever, it is still not cheap. A good doctor will be concerned about your comfort, and will not be stressed if you decide to wait on a procedure or rule it out entirely.

If you have any other questions, please call my office at 703-406-2444 to schedule a private, complimentary consultation with me. I’d be happy to discuss any concerns you have!

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  1. Deon Weyers

    When you are thinking to choose a plastic surgeon, you must keep in mind certain factors like the experience of the surgeon, the qualification, the type of services he offers, the way of dealing with the patients and also the treatment charges. Whenever you are going to meet with the plastic surgeon for a consultation, you must ask some questions that will help you to judge the capabilities of the expert. Thanks for sharing this post as it covers about the top 5 questions a plastic surgeon which you to ask normally. The answers are nicely written in this post.

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