Get Rid of Your Wrinkles

What is Botox®?

Tired of that angry look between your eyes? Not interested in an invasive procedure like a brow liftface lift or endoscopic forehead lift? Fed up with those crow’s feet or forehead lines? Botox® treatment is an injectionthat temporarily paralyzes specific facial muscles to prevent wrinkles from forming.

Who is this for?

People who do not like their crow’s feet (lines besides their eyes) or lines between their eyebrows (glabellar area) or their foreheads lines benefit from Botox® injections. The effect of the Botox® begins about 4-7 days after the injections and lasts for approximately four months. The results can be very impressive!

What Post-Op care is required for Botox?

Botox® treatments last about 4 months, with very noticeable results. Current literature suggests that regular Botox® injections over a period of approximately two years will cause muscle atrophy.

Why get Botox with Dr. Berman?

Dr. Berman is one of the few plastic surgeons who actually enjoys and does his own Botox injections. He does not relegate this task to another member of his team. He enjoys doing these and believes it allows him to be artistic with these injections. In addition, it is an opportunity to get to know his patients better. The procedure is done in the office in Northern Virginia easily accessible to residents in Ashburn, Reston, Sterling, and Leesburg. The entire procedure only takes few minutes.

Which areas are commonly treated with Botox?

The commonest areas are the glabellar area (area between the eyebrows) where the 11’s occur. Also the crows feet and parts of the forehead. Oftentimes, if the Botox is injected carefully and in a small amount, you can experience and elevation of the lateral third of the eyebrow, which many women like.
Less common areas to treat, but still can be very effective include: the bunny lines at the side of the nose, the excessively wrinkled chin and in very small doses the upper lip in select cases.

Disclaimer: Results may vary for different individuals.

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