Non-Invasive Ways to Prepare for Spring and Summer

In the DC area, our weather has been crazy this winter: warmth then snow then warmth and more snow. However, I believe it is a safe bet that before too long we will be getting outside in shorts and T-shirts – at least I certainly hope so!

Below, I will briefly discuss two techniques – one for your body and one for your face – to help get you warm-weather ready.


  • Sculpsure
    This is the newest technology to reduce stubborn fat anywhere on your body. This technology came out years after Coolsculpting, and I believe it to be radically different and better. I could have bought either machine 2.5 years ago, but I intentionally selected the Sculpsure machine.Sculpsure uses 4 paddles (size of about a small cell phone), which can be placed just about anywhere there is fat. They send out laser light which penetrates the skin and heats and destroys the underlying fat (amazingly, it is safe for any skin color). The melted fat is then safely absorbed by your body.You do need to treat the area at least twice, 4-6 weeks apart. You can treat several different body parts on the same day since each treatment session only takes 25 minutes. For thicker areas of fat, you will want to do more than 2 sessions. I have even had my own flanks/love handles treated with a nice improvement (according to my wife!)

    How does this compare to more invasive procedures such as Smartlipo? Smartlipo is going to be more aggressive than any non-invasive technique, as it does require small incisions and more time at the office. However, SmartLipo involved just a single treatment.


  • Picosure Laser Facial
    This is one of the most incredible new pieces of technology that I have seen in many, many years, yet so few people know about it. This laser facial (though my wife and others have used it on the neck, chest, back of hands, etc) is able to radically improve irregular pigmentation due to sun and aging, and melasma due to pregnancy and hormones — and with little to no downtime.More importantly, it is the safest laser for those with any natural color in their skin. In fact, it is hugely popular in Asia for this reason. It will also help with acne scarring and fine lines.You need to plan 3 sessions, each spaced one month apart. You can reapply makeup  immediately after your session and return to work. There is no significant redness or peeling. My wife had incredible results with this laser!

    For now, we are offering 3 laser Picosure facials for only $1,500. However, you need to act soon, since I suspect we will be increasing this fee soon. Because I have three Master Estheticians working for me, we are able to offer this treatment six days per week. We cannot use the Picosure laser on a tanned area, so you want to start your sessions while the weather is a bit colder, before you start getting a tan on your face.