Why Laser Hair Removal is Not Ideal in Summer Months

Many people do not consider laser hair removal until the weather gets a little warmer and they start baring more skin. However, by that point, I’d typically recommend against the procedure. The primary reason for this is that you should not be getting laser hair removal on skin that is tanned. You need to use a sunblock in the area for at least 3 weeks and maybe longer. Having said that though, areas such as the bikini area and  axillary area (armpit) are usually not tanned, and laser hair removal on those areas are fine for laser hair removal through the summer. Generally speaking, any area that does not get tanned, even though it is summer, if ok to get treated.

Now you may be wondering if you’ve wasted your money if you’ve already received a few treatments before the summer, and now  you want to hang out at the pool and tan during the summer. Absolutely not! The hair that was destroyed by the treatments (generally 15-20% of the hair treated in one session) remains gone and you can just resume your treatments in the Fall, or when your tan fades – whichever comes first!