Dr. Berman's Daily Routine:

1. When I get up, I mix one packet of the ketone supplements with water.  I have at least one more glass of water in the next hour or two.  I like to have black coffee with either cinnamon or cardamom.  I don't use any artificial sweeteners or creamers.

2. I avoid eating any food for several hours (this can gradually be increased over time). The reason for this is that intermittent fasting has a huge amount of health benefits.

3. When I get hungry, I will have a second ketogenic supplement (to decrease my appetite). During the day I eat ketogenic which means that I eat healthy organic food that is high in fats and proteins and I keep my carbs below 50 grams. I personally prefer salmon and I don't eat a lot of meat or chicken.  Watch out for things like salad dressing and ketchup because they are loaded with carbs and sugar.  I try to only eat when I am hungry.

4.  I try to have an early dinner (6-7 pm) but this is not vital. However, when dinner is finished, I don’t eat or drink anything else except water.  I eat what I want for dinner but I keep it healthy. In this practice, I notice that I crave less carbs and sugars at dinner time. 

5. I try and exercise 5-6 times per week, even if it is for just 30 minutes. I have found that the high intensity interval training is the best for losing weight, and I add some stretching afterwards.

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29 y.o woman SmartLipo on flanks + bra line
Images taken 5 months apart
Also using ketone supplements to help with weight loss.