How is High Definition SmartLipo for the Arms Different from Regular Liposuction?

There are a number of things that make High Definition SmartLipo (HDS) to the upper arms different from regular liposuction to the arms.

First, I almost always use Smartlipo, which is liposuction with the additional step  of using a small fiber-optic laser which is inserted directly into the subcutaneous fat. This both melts fat directly and also heats up the skin, so that there is greater skin tightening. This is always done in the office. I am able to do this in a very comfortable fashion for the patient. There are no IV’s, only oral medication.

Typically, when I perform Smartlipo to the upper arms, I use one small incision to the back of the upper arm. This is where most of the fat is located and I can almost always reduce the fat in this area and get some nice skin tightening to the area as well.

When I perform HDS, I will use 6-8 very small incisions per arm, and these will be located on the back towards the posterior shoulder, often on the lower arm, just below the elbow. After marking the upper arm, I will fully numb the area. Thereafter, I will use progressively smaller cannulas to sculpt the upper arms, including around the muscles of the upper arms, to greater highlight them.  I may even have you contract your muscles to help highlight your muscle definition, or even stand up, to see if things change with gravity. In the final step, I will use the Smartlipo to further refine the arms – the laser will both melt fat and tighten the skin. These additional incisions, allow me to access areas around the entire arm that I would not normally be able to reach.

At the conclusion of the procedure, we will place you in a comfortable, snug upper arm garment. You can take it off to shower the next evening and daily. However, I want it worn the rest of the time, for at least 4-6 weeks and sometimes longer. It would be wise to get 2 arm garments since you will need to wash it daily. You will continue improve for 6 months.



The ideal person for this procedure will have good skin tone in the upper arms, which usually means they are less than 52 years old (of course, this will vary from person to person, so this is a guideline). They will do best if they are within 20% of their ideal weight, though heavier individuals should still benefit significantly. Of course, you should be in reasonable health and not a smoker. Smoking interferes with wound healing – you should quit all nicotine products for 4 weeks before and after surgery



HDS takes me a lot more time than regular Smartlipo and requires both greater expertise and specialized equipment.


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