Are Breast Augmentations Still Taboo?

The quick answer is NO!

In the United States alone, there are literally millions of women who have had a breast augmentation. Based on the sheer number of women getting the procedure, we can clearly concur that it is not taboo. From young women wanting to look a little fuller, to weight loss success stories, mothers and grandmothers looking to get their lift back, there are no limits to age and circumstance of women getting this popular procedure done.

There is also a shift I’m seeing, especially in the past few years. Women are feeling much more comfortable being open about having had this surgery. I suspect that social media has helped to create this culture of authenticity and openness. There have been endless articles written in popular magazines available everywhere. There are a plethora of videos featuring them – both medically and for entertainment purposes. Many models and athletes have augmented their breast size – and have been very open about that fact.

There are also some changes in implants. They are  getting more and more natural to the touch since silicone implants re-entered the market in 2006. Numerous medical studies were done between 1992-2006 confirming that there appear to be no additional medical risks from silicone implants. The public is also realizing that there is no need to change out your breast implants after 10 years, provided they feel and look good. I have seen a large number of women who have had their implants in much longer than 15 years with no problems. I have a number of women I placed breast implants in over 15 years ago who are doing great. I personally have seen two patients who have kept their same implants from the 1970’s! (Note: I did not perform those procedures – I’m not quite that old.)

I also believe that society has finally realized that while you can diet and exercise all you want, if you want larger breasts or a little lift, the only way to get that is with a breast augmentation. As cosmetic procedures have become safer and safer, we are allowing people to fearlessly, and unapologetically, make changes to their bodies as they see fit. We can change our clothes and we can make changes to our bodies – and remain the same person. We have not sold ourselves out- but rather, we have had the strength in our convictions to get what we want, when it has not been handed to us.

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