What are the best areas for Smart Lipo?

What are the best areas for Smart Lipo?

Patients want to know, which areas respond best to Smartlipo?

The true answer is every area will respond well to Smartlipo provided that the skin tone is good and there is not a ton of fat there. You will get an especially good result, if you work out more after the procedure and lose some weight by improving your diet.

One area that is almost always excellent is the flanks/love handles. This is because the skin tone here is almost always good. Next I would say, the lateral thighs do very well. 

The upper and lower abdomen, and inner knee area, will depend on your skin tone and this does not depend on your age. Upper arms and neck can do nicely but in women in their late 50’s or older, usually do not have good skin tone, at this point in their lives.

The inner thigh area, even in younger women, may not have very good skin tone. This means there can be some improvement but it will not be close to perfect, unless you have excellent skin tone.

If your skin tone is not ideal, rather than have you just wear a support garment, like a Spandex, for just 5 days,  I may ask you to where it most of the time for 6-12 weeks. This does not mean every minute. You can still go to the pool etc and not wear the support garment. Remember you will continue to improve for 6 months in most cases.